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Invite us to give a talk on water conservation and mini workshop on water quality and biodiversity at your place.

Talks & Workshops


Join a guided tree walk at Tasek Varsiti. Smell their leaves, admire their intricate bark design, find the animals that lives symbiotically with the trees - explore!

Tree Walk


(coming soon) 

Join the fight against plastic pollution. Learn how to upcycle plastic waste into new products such as this gasing.

Precious Plastic


How can you tell when a water is not healthy? Scientists use chemical water monitoring kits to test the water! Learn how to conduct the test at a stream, river or lake and be a citizen scientist.

Water Detective


A fun outdoor exploration that will test your knowledge on various environment-related topics such as aquatic insects, freshwater fish, trees, backyard birds, recycling and water monitoring.

Nature Quest


(coming soon) 

We're planning on building an edible garden at our new operational space soon. We welcome extra pairs of hands!

Edible Garden


Catch (and release) aquatic insects using nets at streams and learn why they are an important biological indicator for water quality.

Creepy Crawlies


Organize a cleanup with us at a river, a beach, a park or anywhere else. Conduct a rubbish assessment and learn about waste recycling.


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